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What a Difference!

We all need a little refresher now and then. The same goes for our homes. Whether its hanging new curtains, arranging furniture differently, trying new paint colors, change is good. When we think about updating our homes or initial instincts are to start inside, but try something different and start with the outside in! Many people treat the exterior of their homes as just maintenance projects that are only advantageous to the eye, but did you know that updates like siding, replacing doors and windows, and new roofs can recoup homeowners more than 83 percent of costs upon resale- so what was only appealing to the eye, also appeals to the wallet. 

Take a look at this home above, changes made to it were removal of old siding, an install of fanfold insulation, a complete redesign of the front porch to include round columns, all nee board supply, new Mastic vinyl siding with accent panels on gables. Changes like this are easy for us to do, and they give your home a whole new look! What looks like a daunting and pricey overhaul, is actually quite reasonable and small feat for us. We pride ourselves in making big changes to your home, while providing quality craftsmanship behind quality materials. Give us a call to see how you can transform your current house into your current dream home, and check out these awesome before and after exterior home remodels for some great inspiration.