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Project Profile: Siding & Cedar

With our latest Project Profile, we were able to help a homeowner gear up for Winter as well as add some curb appeal.

Above, you can see we dove head first into taking care of the necessities. In this case, the project included removing a layer of dilapidated siding, and rotted wood- things like this may sound scary, but for us, that's just par for the course. We're used to dealing with things that might scare homeowners, so rest assured when you call us to tackle big projects. that you may have been putting off. In order to bring this home to life again we supplied a quality and affordable wood to replace the original rotted materials. We also equipped the homeowners with a house wrap with insulation. 

After making sure the bones of this house were as strong as they should be, we were able to start   on aesthetics. We offer an array of siding materials, and this homeowner chose one of our favorites- Mastic Vinyl. They decided to go with a neutral, Earth tone and against the brick and lush trees, the home just welcomes them home. 

Beautiful Mastic siding, aside- no pun intended, perhaps the biggest change to this home would be it's new welcoming entry. The homeowners carried Earth tones through to the entry by picking Cedar in a warm finish, we were happy to supply and install such a quality material. If you look beyond this house and glance at their neighbor's, you can see the house is very one dimensional; so with our project, adding a covered entry not only protects visitors against the elements but gives this home depth. We have another blog post in the works and it features our favorite entryways- this entryway is sure to make the cut, not because we built it, but because the simplicity of it makes such a big impact. 

Here's a closer look at this beautiful entryway. As you can see, they're all ready for trick or treaters! 

All in all, we could not be happier with how this project turned out! Not only does this home look fantastic, but because we supplied and installed new siding, insulation, and quality wood, they are all ready for Winter! For more information on how we can revive your home like this one, please give us a call!