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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is around the corner! If you haven't gotten your dad a gift yet, shame on you! Just kidding, with the Blackhawks win this week, we're still getting around to it too! But in an effort to shop for the man who has everything, and means everything to us, we found ourselves stumped on what to get Dad. So we picked our salesmen's brains to get ideas on  some great Father's Day gifts. Here were our Top 5... 

Pro-Line Dave with sons golfing at prestigious Torrey Pines, in Southern California.

Pro-Line Dave with sons golfing at prestigious Torrey Pines, in Southern California.

  1. A Round of Golf-  it's a stress reliever, a sport, and let's him channel his inner gentleman, bonus points for having adult children go with, instead of sending him with friends! For local courses, a Pro-Line favorite is Dubsdread at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club
  2. Sports Memorabilia/ Sports Tickets- anything sports related, (pertaining to his favorite sports team, of course), should sit well with the Man of the House! If you can score tickets to a game for his favorite team, a good idea might be to wrap the tickets within a t-shirt, in a mug, or hat. Stuff like this will guarantee that if you're not Dad's favorite, you will be! 
  3. A REAL day off- let Dad kick his feet up, sleep in, eat junk, drink beer, ignore the overflowing trash can, and leave the toilet seat up! We all need a siesta, and if he can only have it once a year, let him have all  24 hours of it. We love this gift idea so much we've included a printable coupon you can give Dad so he'll still have something to open on Father's Day. (Click Here for your printable coupon). 
  4. A Recliner- we know. we know, this sounds like a big purchase, and it is, but he'll love it! Extra points for getting him one of these AND our #3 idea above. And before you gag at the idea of having a bulky, ugly piece of furniture in your home, let us tell you that nowadays, there are some pretty stylish recliners that won't break the bank or your design scheme! We suggest checking out your local La-Z-Boy and Sears
  5. Quality Time- They say love is actually spelled T-I-M-E, so make time to actually do something with Dad. Take him to a dinner and a movie, or make his favorite dinner at home and rent his favorite movie, maybe you could take him fishing? He may not be a man of many words, but it will sure be something to talk about and something neither of you regret or forget. Time wasted together, is time well wasted. 

We can't wait to hear how you spent your Father's Day, and we'd love to see pictures. Comment below to share! To all the good dads out there, we are so blessed to have you, we're grateful, and we love you! Happy Father's Day from the Pro-Line Family.