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Pinterest Find: Backyard Beauties (Dreaming of Warmer Weather)

In an effort to be relevant we perused Pinterest to find you some tips and tricks for a blog post about winter upkeep and remodeling… but like most avid Pinteresters, we got sidetracked. A few scrolls, saved pins, and two cups of wine later we sidetracked straight to Summer! Don’t worry though, traveling so far into the future was not counterproductive. Our Summer finds from Pinterest, should be things you are thinking about right now in Winter. Today we’re talking about, Backyards. They’re not given much thought today because of the weather, but as soon as the sun starts shining more, and leaves start coming back, Mother Nature’s call to join her beauty outside will be loud and clear. When that time comes having a place where you can kick up your feet with a nice glass of iced tea will be so comforting, so lets start thinking about some inspirations on how you can make that yard the summer oasis, you've been dreaming about during winter. Grab those bathing suits and dive in, things are about to heat up… 

We know everyone has their own style and purpose for things in their homes, and the same style and functionality for one family might not work for their neighbor, so we’ve approached the Backyard game with different tastes and preferences in mind. We’ve got a little bit of everything for everyone, first up… 

For the Entertainer! To those who love a good party, family reunion, or a BBQ on the smaller scale, these backyards will be your crowd pleaser.

For the Kids! The children in the neighborhood and friends from school or the soccer team are sure to find these backyards sleepover worthy. If you're the parent who would rather have the gang over at your place, rather than send them elsewhere, these backyards are for you. 

For the Mermaids! All the aquatic fanatics will be diving right into your place when you show off your yard equipped with these amazing splash pads. 

For the Lazy/ Meditator! Namasté in the yard. Surround your self with serene and peaceful vibes with these ultra calming backyards, perfect for yoga, book reading, or even bird watching.  

For the Animal Lover! Mans best friend will definitely be barking up bliss in these backyards! 

Although your property line might not be endless, the possibilities of what you can do with your backyard are! Whether its just adding a hammock, a fish pond, or going big by adding a pool, home is what you make it and coming from a company that prides itself in turing houses into homes… no matter what you do, do it with love- it’s not the things of a home that matter, but the people who fill it. For more inspiration on backyard makeovers, follow our Backyard board on Pinterest, or email us at with questions about anything you've seen on this blog. 

Pinterest Find: Cozy Bathroom Ideas

There's no doubt about it, its FREEZING here in Chicago! When its cold outside, nothing melts frigidness like a warm fire or a nice soak in a hot tub. With that in mind, we hunted down some amazing, cozy, and covet-worthy bathrooms that mix both fire and water. 

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Tips & Tricks: Freezing Pipes

Alright we are smack dab in the middle of Winter and by now most of us have already readied our homes for everything it needs to work properly. We know we aren't plumbers but we care about caring for you home so we found this article from Houselogic about freezing pipes that will help you ensure your home and biggest investment is protected from damage, thus protecting your family inside. Check it out! 

5 Tricks to Keep Your Pipes from Exploding this Winter

Learn how to prevent your pipes from freezing, even if you think they may already have started to freeze.

New homeowners may have heard that winterization is important, but in the hubbub of your first year living in a home you own (finally!), it can be easy to overlook the need to prepare for the cold weather ahead. After all, it’s just not something renters deal with; prepping pipes for winter is often the landlord’s job.

Ideally, you should winterize your pipes in the fall, before winter seriously sets in. But if you’ve forgotten and all of a sudden you’re in the middle of a deep freeze, there’s still time to prevent disaster.

Here are some easy techniques to save your pipes from bursting:

Turn On Your Faucets

If the temperatures have dropped into freezing and intend to stay there, turning on your faucets — both indoors and out — can keep water moving through your system and slow down the freezing process. There’s no need to waste gallons of water: Aim for about five drips per minute. 



Open Cabinet Doors

During cold weather, open any cabinet doors covering plumbing in the kitchen and bathroom. This allows the home’s warm air to better circulate, which can help prevent the exposed piping from freezing. While this won’t help much with pipes hidden in walls, ceilings, or under the home, it can keep water moving and limit the dangerous effects of freezing weather.


Wrap Your Pipes


If your pipes are already on their merry way towards freezing, wrapping them with warm towels might do the trick. You can cover them with the towels first and then pour boiling water on top, or use already-wet towels — if your hands can stand the heat (use gloves for this). This should help loosen the ice inside and get your system running again.


Pull Out Your Hairdryer

A hairdryer (or heat gun) can be a godsend when your pipes are freezing. If hot rags aren’t doing the trick, try blowing hot air directly on the pipes. Important note: You don’t want to use a blow torch or anything that produces direct flames, which can damage your pipes and turn a frozen pipe into an even worse disaster. You’re trying to melt the ice — not your pipes.

Frozen Pipes? Shut Off The Water

Have your pipes already frozen? Turn off the water immediately. (Hopefully you know where the master shut-off is, but if not, now’s the time to find it!) Make sure to close off any external water sources, like garden hose hookups. This will prevent more water from filling the system, adding more ice to the pile, and eventually bursting your pipes — the worst-case scenario. This also will help when the water thaws; the last thing you want after finally fixing your frozen pipes is for water to flood the system — and thus, your home.

Read more: 

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More About Us: Interview with is the #1 home improvement app for quotes and estimates. They recently asked us a few questions to be featured on our company profile with them. We enjoyed answering their questions and sharing more about us so much, we decided to share it with you here: 


GoSmith: “Why does your work stand out from others?”

Pro-Line: “We've been proudly serving Chicagoland Suburbs for 16 years, and with over 30 years of experience, we know a thing or two when it comes to all your roofing, siding, and all your home construction needs. From repairs, remodeling, or restoration, we are here to help every step of the way. We offer free estimates and our experienced and knowledgeable field representatives can assess any problems with your existing home or help you redesign acompletely new home.” 


GoSmith: “What do you like most about your job?”

Pro-Line: “The best thing about our line of work is bringing life and happiness into our clients' homes. As a family owned and operated business we know that a home is special place where memories are made. Being able to work in homes within our neighborhood where those memories are made not only give us a sense of pride, but also a sense of community. We aren't happy unless our clients are happy, and we won't like our job unless they like it too!”


GoSmith: “Describe three recent jobs you’ve completed.”

Pro-Line: “Our most recent accomplishments have been complete kitchen and bath remodels, finishing basement, and our favorite, new roof installations. Aside from these three, some other simultaneous projects were siding, gutters, and much more.”


GoSmith: “Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.”

Pro-Line: “Although we work in all aspects of home and commercial construction, clients call us most for their roofing, siding, and home remodeling needs. Our work is only bound by our imagination.”


GoSmith: “How did you decided to get in your line of work?”

Pro-Line: “We started Pro-Line Contractors to follow a dream. Where most people pursue a career for monetary gain, we pursued our passion. Being able to put our heart and handwork into making homes and businesses look and work their complete best, is a very rewarding job. We know that residences and commercial buildings are livelihoods, so we wanted to contribute to others' by making it our livelihood to build, repair, and restore what is most important to others in our community.”



GoSmith: “Do you do anything to stay up on the latest developments in your field?”

Pro-Line: “It is part of our job to research and look for innovative ways to provide the best service for our clients. We absolutely stay current on all developmental advancements in residential and commercial contracting.When we visit your home or business we offer free estimates on work you might need done. These estimates are proposed by highly educated field representatives who are well versed on current materials and ways to execute projects.”

GoSmith: “What is your greatest strength ?”

Pro-Line: “Here at Pro-Line Contractors, our biggest strength would be the integrity and quality of our work. As a family owned and operated business we take pride in our craftsmanship and our ability to provide our clients' with trustworthy contracting advice.”

Here at Pro-Line, we respect and appreciate transparency and sharing a little bit of what makes us who we are is important to us. If you'd like more information on our projects, our employees, and our overall company, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 708-479-1237, or shoot us an email at